About Uxbridge


Home of the prestigious Brunel University, the town of Uxbridge lies on the outskirts of West London at the end of both the Piccadilly and Metropolitan underground lines. The Grand Union Canal, which links the capital and second city of Birmingham, runs immediately west of the town.

The retail district of the predominantly pedestrianised town centre offers two major shopping centres, The Chimes and The Mall, and a stunning Art Deco department store known as Randall's which is a listed building, as well as a number of smaller outlets. For those looking for a more traditional shopping experience, head for Windsor Street which houses a plethora of older independent retailers which together go to create the atmosphere of a bygone era.

The town's historic links with the monarchy are represented in the form of The Crown and Treaty Inn - negotiations between King Charles I and his Parliamentary enemies were held at the Inn during the English Civil War, resulting in what was known as The Uxbridge Treaty. Nowadays the pub plays host to live bands and has made a name for itself as a popular music venue.

Uxbridge has been the location for filming of several major film and television projects - external shots on the Ricky Gervais series Extras were filmed in the town and the university has seen the shooting of scenes from such diverse productions as The Sweeney and A Clockwork Orange among others.